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The Valar: Tolkien's creatures from "The Silmarillion"

The Valar from "The Silmarillion" have always fascinated me, so I decided to write a post about them. The Valar are spirits that Illluvatar created, to help him with Arda.
I hope you enjoy!

Manwe and Melkor, one of the two brethren of the Valar, are brothers in the thought of Iluvatar. Melkor, in his beginning, the mightiest of the Ainur. Manwe was favored by Iluvatar, and understood his ways.

Manwe was the first of all Kings of Arda, (Middle-earth) and rule over all who dwell in Arda. He enjoyed the winds and clouds, and all birds loved him, as he loved them. Sulimo, Lord of the Breath of Arda, was his surname.

Manwe's spouse is Varda, Lady of Stars. Her beauty is too great to be described by all, and Iluvatar's light shines in her face. She is feared from Melkor, after she aided Manwe, and rejected Melkor. She gives farther sight to Manwe when she is by his side. Elbereth, she is named, by the Elves.

Melkor, He who arises in Might, was the brother of Manwe. His name given by the Elves is Morgoth, The Dark Enemy of the World. His power that Iluvatar gave him, he turned to evil. He wanted Arda for his own, and become its king.

The Lord of Waters, is Ulmo, who lives alone, moving always in water around the Earth, or under it. His might is second to Manwe's, and was his closest friend before the creation of Valinor. He loves both Elves and Men, and never leaves them, following them when they sail the Sea. He rules over all the waters, whether it is streams, rivers, fountains, or seas.

Aule rules over the substances of Arda's making. He is a smith, and a crafting master. He taught the Noldor, and he was always their closest friend, which made Melkor jealous. Aule and Melkor fought continuously, Melkor destroying, and Aule fixing.

The spouse of Aule is Yavanna, The Giver of Fruits, She loves all things that grow on the earth, whether threes, birds, flowers, or moss. At times, she takes the shapes of things in the earth. She is next to the Varda, of the Queens of the Valar. In the Eldarin tongue, she is named Kementari, Queen of the Earth.

The Feanturi are the second group of brethren. They are called mostly Mandos and Lorien, but their true names are Namo and Irmo.

Namo is the elder, and lives in Mandos, which is west of Valinor. He is the Doomsman of the Valar, the keeper of the Houses of the Dead. He remembers everything, and he knows when things will happen, except those that Iluvatar keeps secret. 

Vaire, The Weaver, is Namo's spouse. She colors the halls of Mandos with her cloth that she weaves, telling things that have been in Time.

Irmo is the younger brother, and the master of dreams and visions. Lorien, in the land of the Valar, is his gardens, and they are the fairest of places in the world.

Este The Gentle, Irmo's spouse, is the healer of weariness and hurts. She sleeps in the morning on an island, called Lorellin. 

Nienna, the sister of the Feanturi, is mightier then Este. She mourns for every wound that Melkor gave Arda. Her sorrow is so great, that before long to the end, her song turns to lamentation. She does not weep for herself. Her halls are west of West, and she rarely visits Valimar, where there is happiness. She goes to the halls of Mandos instead, and all who wait there cry to her.

Great in strength and prowess is Tulkas Astaldo, The Valiant. He was the last to enter Arda, to help the Valar with the first battles with Melkor. He loves wrestling and contests of strength; and he needs no horse, for he tires not. His weapons are his hands, and he is a hardy friend.

Nessa, the sister of Orome, is Tulkas' spouse. She loves deer, and is lithe and fleet footed. She loves to dance in Valimar, and she can outrun any animal.

Orome, Aldaron, and in the Sindar tongue, Tauron, The Lord of Forests. He is dreadful in anger, but he loves the lands of Middle-earth. To his dismay, he had to leave them. He is a hunter of monsters and beasts, and he loves hounds and horses. Nahar, his horse's name, and The Valaroma is his horn. He would train his people and animals to fight Melkor.

Vana, The Ever-young, is Orome's spouse, and the younger sister of Yavanna. The flowers open when she looks at them, and all the birds sing when she arrives.

The Lords of the Valar:                                                                                  

The Queens of the Valar:

**Melkor was counted no longer of the Valar**

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