Friday, December 11, 2015

The Hobbit: 1977 to 2012

A while back, I got the chance to see the 1977 version of 'The Hobbit'. I was impressed that they did the whole book in one movie. I loved the artwork in the movie, and am shocked to see how much the characters have changed in ideas.
So I've decided to show you the differences in the characters from the 1977 version, to P. Jackson's 2012 version.

The first character that is in the list is Gandalf the Grey, a wizard in the Maiar clan. I've noticed that a few things have changed in Gandalf from 1977 to now.

1. Gandalf's hat. In the 1977 version, Gandalf's doesn't have a wide brim, and also, his hat comes to a point in the 1977  version.
2. Gandalf's beard is a lot longer in the 1977 version than now.
3. Gandalf's hair is longer in the 2012 version then before.

I love how both versions show that he is a powerful wizard, and that even if he's a little mean, he's got a heart the size of a watermelon.

Second to the list is Bilbo, the main Hobbit in the book. Bilbo has changed a lot since 1977.

1. The clothes have changed color since 1977. Bilbo has a belt around his tummy, and a closed vest.
2. The eyes are a different color.
3. Bilbo in 1977 seems shorter than he is in 2012.
4. Bilbo in 2012 is wearing a kerchief.
5. His hair is the same color, yet in 2012, Bilbo's hair is longer.

Both versions look nice and gentleman-like.

Third, Elrond. I was surprised about Elrond in this version. I had seen the Lord of the Rings before this, and I was amazed how much Elrond changed.

1. The beard. The only Elf I remember reading about that had a beard was Cirdan. It also shows that Elrond has grey hair, when the book, The Fellowship of the Ring, explains that his "hair was as dark as the shadows of twilight." Interesting also, his crown is made of stars around his head, then a crown of silver, (yet Elrond here is wearing a crown of gold.)
2. The cape Elrond wears in 1977 has a high collar, then the robe that Elrond wears in 2012.
3. Elrond looks older in 1977 then in 2012. I like the idea of older Elves, but not as old in 1977. (But, the movies has changed.)
4. Elrond's eyes are a different color in each movie, 1977=green, 2012=brown.

Fourth, goodness. Not at all what I expected. Interesting enough, both versions have the same character...RUDE!!!!

1. The crown. Thranduil's crown in the 1977 version is closer to the book's description than Thranduil's in 2012.
2. The clothes are different. Thranduil's in 1977 are a cape, and a loincloth. Thranduil's in 2012 is more different. A long silver/green robe, leggings, and big boots. I'm glad that they kept the cape idea, though.
3. Thranduil in 1977 is older, again, movies change. His skin is a greenish color, and he is bald on the top.
4. The staffs have changed completely.
5. The only thing that I see that is the same is the blond hair, which is really interesting.

Fifth in line is Bard the Bowman, a resident of Lake-town. It looks like he too, has a new make-over. He looks as mysterious as he does now.

1. Bard in 2012 has longer hair, yet it is the same color. So is the mustache.
2. The costume is different all together in these two versions. The 1977 version wears a cape, a short tunic, and sandals. 2012 version wears a longer tunic, boots, an over coat, and gloves.
3. The 2012 version's bow is a little smaller than 1977 Bard. Also, 2012 Bard caries a sword.

Sixth, Gollum. Gollum is creepy whatever version he is.

1. Yellow eyes for 1977, blue eyes for 2012. Interesting.
2. The 1977 version is a lot larger than Gollum is now. He also is a different color.
3. 1977 Gollum has claws on both his hands and feet. His skin looks like it has moss growing over him.
4. 2012 Gollum wears a tattered loincloth.
5. 1977 Gollum looks more like a frog than a Riverfolk species.

In seventh is the Goblin King. I'd have to say the Goblin King in 2012 is a lot uglier than in 1977.

1. The 2012 version only wears a loincloth for coverage. The 1977 King wears a long robe.
2. The crowns are different for each version.
3. The 2012 King carries a staff with might be his wives skulls.
4. The 1977 version has long fangs curling up. Also, it looks like both Goblins have long, jelly-chins.

Eight, the mighty Smaug, the Dragon under the mountain of Erebor. I like both versions that he was created for.

1. Of course, 2012 Smaug looks more like a dragon than the cat-like Smaug of 1977.
2. 2012 Smaug looks like he's a lot larger than 1977 Smaug.
3. 1977 Smaug has glowing eyes to look in the dark than 2012 Smaug.
4. 1977 Smaug has fur and scales, while 2012 Smaug only has scales.

Ninth, well, the Trolls of Trollshaw. Crazy how they changed.

1. The trolls of 1977 have horns on their cheeks, and beak-like mouths. The 2012 trolls look more like human-version trolls.
2. One troll wears an eye-patch in the 1977 version. The troll on the far right wears an apron, probably made of horse.
3. The trolls of 2012 look more menacing  than the 1977 version.

And last but not least, the Dwarves.

Each Dwarf has his look, and you can tell how much they have changed.
Well, I hope you enjoyed these two versions of some of Tolkien's amazing characters. Also, please leave a comment below if you guys have any new ideas for me to post about!

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