Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Disney Characters to Jane Austen Characters

Hey ya'll! I've noticed that certain Disney characters are a lot like Jane Austen's characters.
I hope you enjoy this post!

1. Belle and Cathrine Morland. I think that it is funny that they love books more then anything else to do, and it's mostly romances. They both look at the world through their books, and are shocked when the the ones who they love actually show them what the world really is like.

2. Cinderella and Fanny Price. They both are raised in different places then their parents. They both are shy, sweet girls, who dream of their own Prince Charming. They both go through trials with their mean family members, but everything turns out well.

3. Jasmine and Elizabeth Bennet: They are both determined girls, and love life. They both are chosen to marry men they do not love. They both meet the prince of their dreams, yet it takes them a while to truly know them before they decide. (It just took Jasmine a lot quicker to decide, though). :)

4. Anna and Marianne Dashwood: They both dream of their Prince Charming being adorable and reading poems. But, they both are stricken when the ones they love turn their backs on them. But, they both have the one man who loves them, the one who truly cares for the girls'.

5. Elsa and Elinor Dashwood: Both are the oldest sister in the family, and feel like they must keep their young sister safe, (though Elinor has two younger sisters). They both try to keep their emotions controlled, so that life will go through smoothly.

6. Aurora and Jane Bennet: They both are very shy, and are very kind. They dream of having a man to love, but when it comes true, they don't know how to react to it. It frightens them. But in the end, all goes well for both. (Thankfully, Jane didn't fall asleep at the prick of a needle!) :)

Favorite Characters created by Jane Austen

I am a HUGE fan of Jane Austen, thanks to my wonderful Mom. She introduced Jane Austen to me, about the time when she first went to England a few years back. Since then, i have enjoyed her love for Jane Austen.
So I thought that I would introduce you to some of my favorite characters created by Jane Austen.

First is Cathrine Morland from Northanger Abbey. Cathrine loves to read books, exceptionally Ann Radcliffe's novel The Mysteries of Udolpho. The book enchants her, and she looks at life through it. She ends up in Bath with a family friend couple, Mr. and Mrs. Allen. She meets a young man named Henry Tilney, and he helps her see life as she should, not through a Gothic novel.
I like Cathrine the most of Jane Austen's characters because I can relate to her. Sometimes I look at life through a favorite book, then my family and friends help me see it for what it actually is. I don't, though, have Henry Tilney yet. :)

Next is Eleanor Dashwood from Sense and Senseibility. I love how she is a leader in her family, and guides Marianne, her younger sister, when she is unhappy. She falls in love with the handsome Edward Farrars, for whom she waits for a proposal, yet it takes a while for it to come. But she still waits, and has a good heart.
I love the leadership that she owns, and how she waits patiently for Edward. I try to put that into my life.

Fanny Price from Mansfield Park is next. She is a kind, but shy young girl who is raised by Sir Thomas Bertram. She is disliked by the members of the family, who are related, except for the youngest son, Edmund Bertram, who secretly loves Fanny. She struggles through life, mostly from Henry Crawford, who loves Fanny also.
I like how Fanny, like Eleanor, waits for the man whom she loves, and always has the right heart.

Next is Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. she is a determined woman, who will only marry for love. She meets a gentleman named Mr. Darcy, and dislikes him the first second she sees him. Yet, inside, she begins to be interested in him. She struggles through life, deciding if she should love him, or not.
I like Lizzy, because I also relate to her. She only marries for love, not for riches, or for who is the most good-looking. I also like her humor.

Jane Bennet from Pride and Prejudice, is a very, VERY shy woman. She's beautiful, and graceful, (as her mother boasts), and she is adored by men all around. She meets the young, shy Mr. Bingley, and falls in love with him.
Jane reminds me of Eleanor. she is the eldest, a guide to her younger sister Elizabeth, and is waiting for Mr. Bingley's proposal. I like how she too, is patient in life.

Eleanor Tilney from Northanger Abbey, is a kind, woman, and the sister to Henry Tilney. She is gentle and shy, and becomes one of Cathrine's best friends. She also holds a strong memory of her mother, who had past away years ago, whom she never got to say good-bye to. She also has a secret lover, whom she visits secretly from her stern and mean father, General Tilney.
I like Eleanor, because she still loves her lover, even though he is poor. He does not care for what position he's in, she still cares for him.

Now, of course we cannot leave out the gentlemen of the stories.

Henry Tilney is the gentleman from Northanger Abbey, who makes Cathrine curious about him. He is mysterious, and smart. He loves his father, yet the respect for him has disappeared through the years. Henry loves Cathrine, yet he waits for her to see the world as it should be, not through her novels, which he has read himself.
I like Henry Tilney in the 1987 (Peter Firth) version better then JJ Field, (who reminds me strangely of Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit movie series). I like how Henry is very calm, and respects people, and how he is mysterious around Cathrine.

Edmund Bertram from Mansfield Park. He is kind, and funny. He loves Fanny with all his heart, yet he is curious about the beautiful Mary Crawford. he helps guide his father to kindness towards Fanny also.
I like Edmund because he is always a true friend, and never betrays you.

 Edward Farrars from Sense and Sensibility, is a shy gentleman. He longs to become a clergyman, but is unhappy from a promise that he made long ago that pulls him from Eleanor. He does though, become her friend until he can figure the situation out.
Edward is very kind, yet shy, and that's what I like about him. always the last person you would expect to become a clergyman, and still have a kind heart.

Next is Mr. Bingley from Pride and Prejudice. Mr. Bingley has a funny nature, yet he doesn't mean to at times, which makes him even more funny. He is also, a little shy. He loves Jane with all his heart, yet has a struggle on how to tell her.
I like Mr. Bingley, (better then Mr. Darcy, sorry!) because he is quiet, and doesn't like to make himself the center of attention. He is compassionate and easy going.

And, there are a few other characters that I like,(don't know why, but I just do),

Mr. Wickham, Pride and Prejudice

Lydia Bennet, Pride and Prejudice

Marianne Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility

Colonel Brandon from Sense and Sensibility

Well, there we are. I hope that you enjoyed this.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Valar: Tolkien's creatures from "The Silmarillion"

The Valar from "The Silmarillion" have always fascinated me, so I decided to write a post about them. The Valar are spirits that Illluvatar created, to help him with Arda.
I hope you enjoy!

Manwe and Melkor, one of the two brethren of the Valar, are brothers in the thought of Iluvatar. Melkor, in his beginning, the mightiest of the Ainur. Manwe was favored by Iluvatar, and understood his ways.

Manwe was the first of all Kings of Arda, (Middle-earth) and rule over all who dwell in Arda. He enjoyed the winds and clouds, and all birds loved him, as he loved them. Sulimo, Lord of the Breath of Arda, was his surname.

Manwe's spouse is Varda, Lady of Stars. Her beauty is too great to be described by all, and Iluvatar's light shines in her face. She is feared from Melkor, after she aided Manwe, and rejected Melkor. She gives farther sight to Manwe when she is by his side. Elbereth, she is named, by the Elves.

Melkor, He who arises in Might, was the brother of Manwe. His name given by the Elves is Morgoth, The Dark Enemy of the World. His power that Iluvatar gave him, he turned to evil. He wanted Arda for his own, and become its king.

The Lord of Waters, is Ulmo, who lives alone, moving always in water around the Earth, or under it. His might is second to Manwe's, and was his closest friend before the creation of Valinor. He loves both Elves and Men, and never leaves them, following them when they sail the Sea. He rules over all the waters, whether it is streams, rivers, fountains, or seas.

Aule rules over the substances of Arda's making. He is a smith, and a crafting master. He taught the Noldor, and he was always their closest friend, which made Melkor jealous. Aule and Melkor fought continuously, Melkor destroying, and Aule fixing.

The spouse of Aule is Yavanna, The Giver of Fruits, She loves all things that grow on the earth, whether threes, birds, flowers, or moss. At times, she takes the shapes of things in the earth. She is next to the Varda, of the Queens of the Valar. In the Eldarin tongue, she is named Kementari, Queen of the Earth.

The Feanturi are the second group of brethren. They are called mostly Mandos and Lorien, but their true names are Namo and Irmo.

Namo is the elder, and lives in Mandos, which is west of Valinor. He is the Doomsman of the Valar, the keeper of the Houses of the Dead. He remembers everything, and he knows when things will happen, except those that Iluvatar keeps secret. 

Vaire, The Weaver, is Namo's spouse. She colors the halls of Mandos with her cloth that she weaves, telling things that have been in Time.

Irmo is the younger brother, and the master of dreams and visions. Lorien, in the land of the Valar, is his gardens, and they are the fairest of places in the world.

Este The Gentle, Irmo's spouse, is the healer of weariness and hurts. She sleeps in the morning on an island, called Lorellin. 

Nienna, the sister of the Feanturi, is mightier then Este. She mourns for every wound that Melkor gave Arda. Her sorrow is so great, that before long to the end, her song turns to lamentation. She does not weep for herself. Her halls are west of West, and she rarely visits Valimar, where there is happiness. She goes to the halls of Mandos instead, and all who wait there cry to her.

Great in strength and prowess is Tulkas Astaldo, The Valiant. He was the last to enter Arda, to help the Valar with the first battles with Melkor. He loves wrestling and contests of strength; and he needs no horse, for he tires not. His weapons are his hands, and he is a hardy friend.

Nessa, the sister of Orome, is Tulkas' spouse. She loves deer, and is lithe and fleet footed. She loves to dance in Valimar, and she can outrun any animal.

Orome, Aldaron, and in the Sindar tongue, Tauron, The Lord of Forests. He is dreadful in anger, but he loves the lands of Middle-earth. To his dismay, he had to leave them. He is a hunter of monsters and beasts, and he loves hounds and horses. Nahar, his horse's name, and The Valaroma is his horn. He would train his people and animals to fight Melkor.

Vana, The Ever-young, is Orome's spouse, and the younger sister of Yavanna. The flowers open when she looks at them, and all the birds sing when she arrives.

The Lords of the Valar:                                                                                  

The Queens of the Valar:

**Melkor was counted no longer of the Valar**

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas from Family Christian #FCBlogger

This is a sponsored post for Family Christian. All opinions are honest and are my own. 

Hey readers! How's your Christmas holidays doing? Do ya'll got your presents bought yet? We're almost there! Our tree already is full of presents.
Speaking of presents, I have some great ideas for Stocking Stuffers this year. 

Family Christian has great new stuff this year, and a lot of it can fit...in a stocking!!!!

For the stocking I did, I bought a traveling cup, a Christmas mug, a bookmark, a pencil, a necklace, gift cards, a stone with a scripture verse, and a Celtic Woman CD. I enjoyed buying these gifts, and one of them I am giving to a special friend named Anita. 

Every year, our church does a Christmas play and Ms. Anita is in full charge of it every year. This year, I am in our new play, "Christmas Reunion." I decided that I wanted to buy Ms. Anita a gift, (the traveling cup), as a thank you present for her hard work. Her husband died a while ago, and this is her first Christmas without him. I wanted to give her a special present, showing her that we all care for her.
And speaking of giving, I'm doing a giveaway for 4 readers to win a $5 certificate to Family Christian.

Our stocking tradition is always so much fun. Every Christmas Eve, we set out a plate of cookies and milk for Santa Daddy, and wait for our stockings to be filled. The next morning, we all sit down and open our stockings. It's always fun to watch everyone dig into their stockings.

What is your favorite Christmas Eve tradition? Merry Christmas and God Bless Ya'll!

Friday, December 11, 2015

The Hobbit: 1977 to 2012

A while back, I got the chance to see the 1977 version of 'The Hobbit'. I was impressed that they did the whole book in one movie. I loved the artwork in the movie, and am shocked to see how much the characters have changed in ideas.
So I've decided to show you the differences in the characters from the 1977 version, to P. Jackson's 2012 version.

The first character that is in the list is Gandalf the Grey, a wizard in the Maiar clan. I've noticed that a few things have changed in Gandalf from 1977 to now.

1. Gandalf's hat. In the 1977 version, Gandalf's doesn't have a wide brim, and also, his hat comes to a point in the 1977  version.
2. Gandalf's beard is a lot longer in the 1977 version than now.
3. Gandalf's hair is longer in the 2012 version then before.

I love how both versions show that he is a powerful wizard, and that even if he's a little mean, he's got a heart the size of a watermelon.

Second to the list is Bilbo, the main Hobbit in the book. Bilbo has changed a lot since 1977.

1. The clothes have changed color since 1977. Bilbo has a belt around his tummy, and a closed vest.
2. The eyes are a different color.
3. Bilbo in 1977 seems shorter than he is in 2012.
4. Bilbo in 2012 is wearing a kerchief.
5. His hair is the same color, yet in 2012, Bilbo's hair is longer.

Both versions look nice and gentleman-like.

Third, Elrond. I was surprised about Elrond in this version. I had seen the Lord of the Rings before this, and I was amazed how much Elrond changed.

1. The beard. The only Elf I remember reading about that had a beard was Cirdan. It also shows that Elrond has grey hair, when the book, The Fellowship of the Ring, explains that his "hair was as dark as the shadows of twilight." Interesting also, his crown is made of stars around his head, then a crown of silver, (yet Elrond here is wearing a crown of gold.)
2. The cape Elrond wears in 1977 has a high collar, then the robe that Elrond wears in 2012.
3. Elrond looks older in 1977 then in 2012. I like the idea of older Elves, but not as old in 1977. (But, the movies has changed.)
4. Elrond's eyes are a different color in each movie, 1977=green, 2012=brown.

Fourth, Thranduil...my goodness. Not at all what I expected. Interesting enough, both versions have the same character...RUDE!!!!

1. The crown. Thranduil's crown in the 1977 version is closer to the book's description than Thranduil's in 2012.
2. The clothes are different. Thranduil's in 1977 are a cape, and a loincloth. Thranduil's in 2012 is more different. A long silver/green robe, leggings, and big boots. I'm glad that they kept the cape idea, though.
3. Thranduil in 1977 is older, again, movies change. His skin is a greenish color, and he is bald on the top.
4. The staffs have changed completely.
5. The only thing that I see that is the same is the blond hair, which is really interesting.

Fifth in line is Bard the Bowman, a resident of Lake-town. It looks like he too, has a new make-over. He looks as mysterious as he does now.

1. Bard in 2012 has longer hair, yet it is the same color. So is the mustache.
2. The costume is different all together in these two versions. The 1977 version wears a cape, a short tunic, and sandals. 2012 version wears a longer tunic, boots, an over coat, and gloves.
3. The 2012 version's bow is a little smaller than 1977 Bard. Also, 2012 Bard caries a sword.

Sixth, Gollum. Gollum is creepy whatever version he is.

1. Yellow eyes for 1977, blue eyes for 2012. Interesting.
2. The 1977 version is a lot larger than Gollum is now. He also is a different color.
3. 1977 Gollum has claws on both his hands and feet. His skin looks like it has moss growing over him.
4. 2012 Gollum wears a tattered loincloth.
5. 1977 Gollum looks more like a frog than a Riverfolk species.

In seventh is the Goblin King. I'd have to say the Goblin King in 2012 is a lot uglier than in 1977.

1. The 2012 version only wears a loincloth for coverage. The 1977 King wears a long robe.
2. The crowns are different for each version.
3. The 2012 King carries a staff with might be his wives skulls.
4. The 1977 version has long fangs curling up. Also, it looks like both Goblins have long, jelly-chins.

Eight, the mighty Smaug, the Dragon under the mountain of Erebor. I like both versions that he was created for.

1. Of course, 2012 Smaug looks more like a dragon than the cat-like Smaug of 1977.
2. 2012 Smaug looks like he's a lot larger than 1977 Smaug.
3. 1977 Smaug has glowing eyes to look in the dark than 2012 Smaug.
4. 1977 Smaug has fur and scales, while 2012 Smaug only has scales.

Ninth, well, the Trolls of Trollshaw. Crazy how they changed.

1. The trolls of 1977 have horns on their cheeks, and beak-like mouths. The 2012 trolls look more like human-version trolls.
2. One troll wears an eye-patch in the 1977 version. The troll on the far right wears an apron, probably made of horse.
3. The trolls of 2012 look more menacing  than the 1977 version.

And last but not least, the Dwarves.

Each Dwarf has his look, and you can tell how much they have changed.
Well, I hope you enjoyed these two versions of some of Tolkien's amazing characters. Also, please leave a comment below if you guys have any new ideas for me to post about!