Thursday, October 29, 2015

Nock and Bolt: The Door Within

Recently, I have seen that a few viewers have searched for Nock and Bolt here, and so I've decided to do this post just for them, (and for others to get to know who these characters are :) )

Nock and Bolt are the twin Glimpse archers from Wayne T. Batson book The Door Within and the books that follow in the series,  The Rise of the Wyrm Lord and The Final Storm.
Glimpses are the race that Batson created in these books. They are the mirror images of anyone on earth, or in the Glimpse world, the Mirror Realm. Glimpses are mostly known for their marble-white skin.
The twin brothers are from the kingdom of Yewland, north-west of the Realm's capitol, Alleble. The Yewland kingdom is ruled by the fair Queen Illaria (Ill-AIR-EE-AH), whom, without Nock's knowing, is in love with Bolt.
Nock and Bolt are highly skilled with the bow, a common weapon of Yewland, made by the Blackwood Trees of the Blackwood Forest, north of Yewland. (The bow and shafts are known to be the strongest of any weapon created in the Realm). The twins, and many other Yewland archers, were trained at a very young age, preparing them for any possible case of action.
Nock and Bolt are described as, (The Door Within), "They were smaller in size than most of the other Glimpses--," "Each had long, straight sandy brown hair drawn back tightly. Each wore a circlet of silver like a thin crown above his uncannily arched brows and restless blue eyes. And though they appeared youthful, their stature was proud and manly. Seated side by side, turned just slightly, the two Glimpses looked like mirror images. They were, in fact, twins."
The twins are a mischievous bunch when it comes to shooting tournaments. Anyone who chooses to have a shooting tournament would have to include the twins, and you just might have to suffer their consciences.
After their childhood, the twins were chosen by the supreme ruler of the Realm, King Eliam (EE-LEE-UM), to aid the Realm against the evil Prince Paragor, who rules the dark kingdom of Paragory.
The twins remind me a lot of Legolas from The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R.Tolkien.

I hope that this small introduction of Nock and Bolt gives you an idea of two of Batson amazing characters.

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  1. This sounds interesting. I thought it WAS Legolas in the picture!