Monday, August 10, 2015

Tolkien's characters from A to Z (The Language of Tolkien's Middle-earth, by Ruth S. Noel)

 Balan = Original name of Beor, founder of the eldest House of Men
Baragund = A companion of Barahir
Barahir = (Towerlord). Father of Beren
Barahir = (Towerlord). A grandson of Faramir of Gondor
Baran = (Golden Brown). A son of Beor the Old.
Baranor (Sun-home). The father of Beregond of Minas Tirith.
Bauglir = 'The Constrainer'. A name of Morgoth.
Belecthor I = (Mighty Torrent). The fifteenth Ruling Steward of Gondor.
Beleg = 'Mighty'. The archer known as Cuthalion.
Beleg = 'Mighty'. The second King of Arthedain.
Belegorn = (Mighty Tree). The fourth Ruling Steward of Gondor.
Belegund = A companion of Barahir.
Belegur = 'He Who Arises in Might'. form of the name Melkor or Morgoth. Only used in the form Belegurth.
Beor = 'Vassal'. (of Finrod). Founder of the eldest House of Men.
Bereg = Great-grandson of Beor.
Beregond = A gaurd at Minas Tirith
Beren = The mortal hero who wedded Luthian Tinuviel and with her aid recovered a Silmaril
Bergil = The young son of beregond at Minas Tirith
Beruthiel = (Daughter of the Queen). A queen in an adage
Bladorthin = An ancient king with whom the Dwarves of the Lonely Mountain traded.
Bolg = an Orc-king of the Misty Mountains
Bor = A chieftain of the Easterlings.
Borlach = (Flaming Hand). A son of Bor of the Easterlings.
Borlad = (Plain of the Hand). A son of Bor of the Easterlings.
Boromir = (Jeweled Hand). The great-grandfather of Beren.
Boromir = (Jeweled Hand). The eleventh Ruling Steward of Gondor.
Boromir = (jeweled Hand). One of the Fellowship of the Ring.
Boron = (Great Hand). The great-great-grandfather of Beren.
Borthand = A son of Bor of the Easterlings.
Brandir = A ruler of the People of Haleth.
Bregalad = Quickbeam, the rowan-ent.
Bregolas = A man.
Bregor = A man, father of Barahir and Bregolas.
Brodda = An Easterling.

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