Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bon Jour! France

Join me this week as I participate in the Europe: Simply Irresistible Party at Castles, Crowns, and Cottages. Lots of blogs are linked up with their Europe-themed posts. Make sure to check out the list for more!

My choice in Europe for this post is France.
I never really know why I love France, but everyone gets that at times.
My first love of France is the Eiffel Tower.

The Eiffel Tower was built in 1889, by Alexandre Eiffel, for the World's Fair. It is located in Paris. It's structure is beautifully built.

Next, the language of France; le langue de France.
The language is in the group of the Romantic Languages, including Spanish and Italian. The language was developed from Latin, created by Julius Caesar in the 50's B.C. He called it Gaulish, but later on in the 700's it was called French. Many English words come from the French language, such as abandon, absence and accident.

Next in line is the French food.

The cooking of France was considered an art, and still is. Their haute cuisine (gourmet cooking) is known all throughout the world. The famous crepes, quiche and croissant is a delicacy to the French menu.

Last, I want to introduce the Founding Father of Modern Chemistry, who named Oxygen...Antoine Lavoisier.

In each country, everyone has a person they admire. Mine is Lavoisier.
Not only does he come from France, but he is an amazing scientist and created many inventions that we still use today.
To learn more about Lavoisier, visit my biographical post on him:


  1. Bonjour Mademoiselle! Like you, France is my heart-throb, but all of Europe has so much to offer, and this morning as I tour, I see so many ideas and beautiful posts. Thank you for participating in this and also for making mention that this party lasts all week, and not just for today. I too love the scientists that came from France, for we still use many of their inventions and discoveries!

    Oh that quiche, I could go for some right now! Bonne journée, Anita

  2. I am glad you chose Paris. I like it best. You did a splendid job telling us about Lavoisier. This was a very interesting and informative visit. I like discovering new
    blogs(to me) and yours is one of the best.

  3. Good afternoon!

    I loved your story, how you tell
    I enjoyed both this Link Party as the people I'm discovering. like you.
    Thanks to Anita and Link Party allows me to see blogs like yours.
    I follow you now, and let me invite you to mine.

    From Madrid .... ...
    personally selected prod

  4. Nice to see your picture of the Eifel Tower I have seen it when I was young and it brought back memories for me...
    groetjes van Marijke

  5. Nice to see your picture of the Eifel Tower I have seen it when I was young and it brought back memories for me...
    groetjes van Marijke

  6. Lynzie, it's wonderful to read about your love of France. I'm so happy that you shared the work of a French scientist. It's something that most visitors to France would never know about. Thanks for sharing today! ♡Dawn

  7. Bonjour!
    I would love to visit France one day, until then I will travel through photos... Thank you for sharing. I hope you are enjoying the tour.

  8. Oh and I just had some lovely quiche with salad for my dinner too!france is a beautiful place,must go again some time,xx Rachel and Speedy

  9. Romantic France ! What a dream come true that would be for Me.I would love to go to all of Europe someday.You play the penny whistle:) How lovely !

  10. Yes, FRANCE is a destination for a lot of people.The city is BEAUTIFUL and beyond.The food, the clothing, the SCIENTISTS!!Add to the experience.........I was there last October and managed to be photographed inside the LOUVRE!!WHAT A DREAM that was................XX

  11. Bonjour Lynzie,

    It was great to discover your blog and to see you have shared France as your destination holiday. Thanks for the quiche and isn't the food there divine.
    Many thanks for visiting my blog
    happy new week

  12. Paris is always a popular and magical place. It is one of those places that as you mentioned, many do not know why they love it-- they just do. Lovely to meet you.

  13. This is excellent and informative! Thanks so much, Lynz! Hoping we can visit France together someday!

  14. How fun! We were just learning about this scientist in chemistry. He was certainly an amazing scientist. You have made me very hungry with that quiche and now I will have to make one.

    I adore the Secret of Moonacre. It is nice to find another fan. I think the set is incredible and the dresses to die for. I only wish they had been more faithful to the book in the storyline. That set with the original storyline would have been stellar.

    Have a lovely week.

    ; )

  15. Bonjour encore! I hope you are enjoying the link party, for this has been a great one this year. So happy you decided to join. Anita

  16. I so hope to visit Paris and the beautiful chateaux and gardens and castles and michelin star restaurants in france one day!

  17. bonjour à toi, je connais Paris car j'y ai vécu durant 8 ans maintenant je suis aux pieds des volcans, je suis ravie que tu parles ainsi de notre belle capitale et ta participation est très jolie...Thanks a lot for sharing with us
    Bisous de la France

  18. France is such a wonderful destination, I am reading so many posts about France in Anita's link party that it makes me want to jump on a plane ~ that quiche looks worth the trip alone! I'm also part of the link party, hope you will stop by.

    xo Mary Jo

  19. I didn't know about Lavoisier but I drink a wine that might be named after him, lol. This was so lovely, Lynzie. I haven't been to France but I would love to travel there one day to ride my bike in the countryside. Thanks so much for the journey :)

  20. Thank you for the wonderful history lesson and to taking me away to France this morning!

  21. Bonjour, Lynzie!
    I arrived just in time for quiche! It's my favorite!
    It's no secret that I love France!
    I so appreciate your mélange français today!
    Your post was a perfect slice!

  22. A little bit late but......Wonderful post ...great party !!..thanks for Anita !!! Ria...x !

  23. Marci, all of you. I'm so glad that you all enjoyed my post. I'm excited to be a part of this Link Party.