Wednesday, November 27, 2013

This post I had to write his morning, after what seemed like an unknown nightmare for two weeks.
One of my best friends, Samuel, gave me a Thor comic book.
It was an interesting comic book, full of action pictures that caught my eye instantly.
But what I didn't know, was, I was being tempted into a nightmare that I never dreamed that I would be in.
In the ancient days in Rome and Greece, many false gods, or, idols, here created at the time: Zeus, Loki, Neptune, and Thor, which led me slowly to my nightmare.
At first, when Sam's mother brought the comic book over, I was over excited.
Here was my chance to change a god into a hero, and draw the character with the cool winged helmet and magical mallet.
But the problem was, I couldn't change him, he just stuck being a false god.
I started to get a sick feeling in my stomach, like I ate something really gross, but it was ten times worse.
Like think of the most disgusting thing that you hated when you were little, then think of it ten times as worse.
That's how I felt, only in the inside.
I ate something slimy, and I couldn't get it out, and I didn't want to.
I wanted to make a change with this Thor.
Two weeks passed by, and I drew and read that comic book over and over again, until this morning, when me and Selah had a conversation about Thor.
Mama sat at the other end of the table, listening.
Cutting us off, she asked if I knew what Thor really was, and my answer was yes.
Explaining to me that Satan had used this god as a hero, she told me that pretty soon, either me and she would have to stop this.
My head began to swim with questions, fighting off the Holy Spirit, but in the end, my Love for God won over the sick feeling.
Entering my room, I yanked the comic book, and pictures out of my desk, and stuck them into the garbage can, saying, "Good-bye nightmare!!"
It seemed like everything was over, once I apologized to Mama for disobeying her, but it wasn't over yet.
I had one more Heavenly Being that I had to apologize to: God.
Walking slowly to my room, I laid down on my bed, and told God how sorry and foolish I was.
Then, it came to me: why not create a hero of my own, using the silver winged helmet, and red cape.
An angel warrior, of course!!
I still had a warrior, but, and angel instead, a heavenly being of light.
Giant silver wings, the silver winged-helmet, and a red crimson cape, as red as the blood of Jesus Christ.
But, I till have one problem, a name.
Majestic names for angels is the hardest thing, like Michael and Gabriel.
That's a little hard.
So, if you have any ideas, please send them to me.
Thanks, and my God's light shine through you all!!


  1. Lynzie Mae, that is the most amazing thing you've ever written. So proud of you!

  2. I am so glad that with God's love and your mother's wisdom that you saw the light! I will try to think of a good name for your angel!