Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Wardrobe: Thranduil, Outfit One

Hey, ya'll! I've decided that I'm doing a group of posts about my favorite costume wardrobes from my favorite movies. I hope ya'll enjoy!

First off, for Outfit One, Lee Pace wore an amazing robe outfit in The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug.

1. The Robe: The robe is a silvery/green color, probably made that way to show that he is the King of the Woodland Realm, and it imitates the bark of the trees.

I like how the collar is large and open near the neck, then is closed all the way down to the beginning of his leggings. The train of the robe is amazingly long.

I love the beautiful design that the robe has, also imitating the bark of the trees. It is very unique, and creative.

2. The Leggings: The leggings look like they are either a dark brownish black, or just black. They are hard to tell, because they only peek out when he walks, and this is really the only time that you see the color of his leggings.

They are not quite as tight as leggings are usually; they have a bit of a loose hold, to allow Mr. Pace to walk easily without being uncomfortable. I believe that they are long leggings, but you can't tell because of his knee-high boots.

3. The Boots. Thranduil's boots are knee length, and look very comfortable. I believe that they were easy to walk in, since he wore them with every other outfit.

The boots are made of a black material, probably leather, (as usual), and are loosely fitted to his leg for comfort. I love how it has two layers!

4. The Accessories: Mr. Pace had amazing accessories for his outfits. They added great taste to the colors.
First, is the brooch. It is of a beautiful silver, and designed, what looks like, the horns of his pet elk.

The jewel is a golden/light brown color, and is a teardrop shape. The horns around it is a silvery white color.

The rings are next. Mr. Pace had four rings on his fingers! WOW!!

The rings that Thranduil had moved to different places in these pictures. I guess Mr. Jackson wanted them switched around, to make it more sensible to wear. The 1. hand has three rings on it, while the hand in the background only had one. But, it looks like it moved to the ring finger of hand 4. (ring finger on the lower hand. Background hand on 1.)
Then, the ring on hand 1. (gold one) moved to the ring finger of upper hand 4.
The background hand's ring on 1. moved to index finger (lower hand) 4.
And the famous, giant ring on hand 1. moved to the index finger of upper hand 4.
(One Big Switch!!! My Goodness!!!)

Well, I guess it doesn't matter where you put the rings, just as long as they are comfortable.

5. The Crown: Thranduil's crown is mostly his trademark. It is to look like twigs and leaves, another indication that he is the King of Mirkwood.

The twigs, or roots, (either way) is painted a light brown, and red leaves are intwined all around. I love how the crown curls over his cheek, and the how tall the crown is. It frames his face in a kingly way.

Well, I hope you enjoyed Outfit One of Thranduil's amazing costumes in the Hobbit.
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  1. This is very interesting. I love this costume!

  2. I love your humor, Lynz! Very nice. You're great at picking out the fun details!