Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Wardrobe: Thranduil, Outfit Four

Hey ya'll! Here's another Wardrobe post! I hope ya'll enjoy!
So this outfit is the outfit that you first see Thranduil wearing in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey prologue.
 This one is a shorter post, like Outfit Two, but I hope you enjoy it!.

1. Robe 1: Robe one is a long, silver robe, with beautiful detail. It probably is the fanciest kingly robe that Mr. Lee wore in all three Hobbit movies.

The collar is high, as usual, and it has long sleeves. Of course, the robe, has a long train. :)

2. Robe 2: Robe 2 is a sleevles over robe, with pointed shoulders.

It is about as long as Robe 1, but it has a different detail. The detail is more bar looking then Robe 1, which has a more fancy look. The robe is a silver color as Robe 1.

3. The Belt: Not every Thranduil outfit has a belt, and this is one of the very few that does. It is a golden color, and long.

It has a gold/brown gem in the middle, which looks like it is the same shape as Thranduil's brooch.

4. The Arm Guards: The arm guards are a softer fabric then the metal ones that he wears in The Hobbit: Battle of the Fives Armies.

The beautiful design goes well with the outfit, a fancy, kingly detail.

5. The Crown and Accessories: The crown and accessories are the same as Outfit One.

Well, there you are! I hope you enjoyed it!

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