Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Future Home Inspirations

    (Photographer Victoria Johnson)

   Morning y'all!
   Spring's almost here, and I am super pumped for it!
   These past few weeks, I have gathered some inspirational ideas for how I want to decorate my bathroom counter, and my future home as a housewife. I've gathered photos from Pinterest and ideas from one of my favorite makeup artists on YouTube, Charisma Star.
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    I've been recently watching her Get Ready With Me videos, and I always noticed the cute candles that she has along her bathtub edge, and the sweet flower vases that she has on the counter. And the adorable mason jars that she keeps all her makeup brushes in.
    I was inspired by them, and decided to do something similar for my own bathroom, but a little at a time, to see how I personally wanted to decorate and design my bathroom. For the mason jars, I was thinking of hot gluing some cute lace around the top for a little decoration, and use some white or pink glass pebbles on the bottom of the jar for a cute color.
     I also noticed she had other different candles all around her house. I was inspired by that idea also, and already have a few scents that I enjoy, such as vanilla bean, pumpkin, apple pie...basically, anything that is sweet!
    The inspirations brought me to a conversation I had this morning  with my Mom. I told her how I wanted to have candles and vases of flowers all around my house, in random places. I told her how excited and anxious I was to start off my future home.
     What was really funny, in one of the subjects in the conversation, I talked about how a few years ago, I felt like I needed to wait until I was 20 before I got married. I wanted to start dating at 19, because I felt that 18 was too young for me. But what I discovered earlier this morning was, it wasn't me having to wait until I was 20 to get married, it was just God telling me to slow down, and wait for a few years, to have me grow a little, before I had the idea of a future house, and having the thought of dating. We all started laughing when my brother asked me if I wanted to get married at 18, instead of waiting another two years...and I said "Yes!"
      It's funny how it all changed in just a few years. I remembered being afraid to date, and even nervous around boys for that matter. I still am a little shy, but when a conversation starts, I don't feel so nervous.
      But, I'm getting off track.
      Another inspiration that I found for my future home was the bohemian style. I love anything bohemian, and have a whole board dedicated to it on Pinterest.
       I was scrolling through Pinterest for bohemian house ideas, and I discovered an adorable back porch. It had bohemian pillows and blankets spread out every where, white Christmas lights, or fairy lights, around the edge, and mason jar lanterns hanging from the ceiling. It gave me ideas for how I wanted my own back porch to look like. I also thought, since I love astronomy, I could have a little corner for a telescope and writing table to take notes on, but bohemian styled, such as candles on the table, and draping  cute vines around the telescope for decoration.
       I am super excited for the future that God has for me, and I can hardly wait to start it!
       Love y'all!
       Happy Spring!!!!!

(Here are a few more links to Charisma Star.)

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  1. I love your excitement and happy ideas for your future home!

  2. My favorite thing to do is make my a house a home for my family like cooking, decorating, organizing and everything else that goes along with it...even cleaning. I know you will be amazing at taking care of your home and future family.

  3. I'm so excited to shop for your future home!!

  4. I loved reading this because it reminded me of my "hope chest" when I was your age. We ladies love to nest and "feather" them, and I'm happy to see that you're planning a home that glorifies G-d. Isn't Pinterest the greatest for our hopes and dreams? I love it.

    I found your blog through Classical Homemaking's Christian Home Magazine. I'm a new follower, and hope you'll stop by for a visit at Gail-Friends.


  5. It's fun to dream about our future homes. Even as a married thirty years wife, I dream of owning our own home again someday and decorating it.