Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Steampunk Mad Tea Party!

It's time for Alice's Steampunk Mad Tea Party!

    She made invitations,

    Decorated the table,

    Made homemade treats,

    The Mad Hatter even brought treats too!

    She whipped up some tea,

     Popped on her costume,

    And waited.
    Oh look who came first!
    Dinah, Alice's beloved kitten!

    Her face was painted sweetly like a kitten

    Next, along came the Door Mouse. She fell right to sleep as soon as she arrived.

    But, Alice was able to wake her up to take a picture of her cute mouse face.

    Right behind came the Mad Hatter!

    The hat perched on her head was beautiful.

    Next skipped in the Cheshire Cat.

    This kitty's face and tail were very creative.

    Last, came in the Queen of Hearts.

    Her makeup, crown, and scepter looked very regal.

    They seated themselves at the table, and began to have fun.

    The Hatter enjoyed the nuts,

     The Queen enjoyed the RED strawberries,

     The Cheshire Cat loved the EAT ME cakes,

    And the Door Mouse and Dinah sweetly ate the Strawberry Shortcake.

    Oh! The poor Door Mouse fell asleep again!

    Alice enjoyed serving the tea.

    In the end, they all had a fun group picture for memories!

    I hope that you all enjoyed this fun Tea party!
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  1. Perfect tea party. I love how creative you girls are!

  2. This is adorable! I love everyone's costumes and creativity. Super cute! Great job, Lynzie and friends!

  3. So much fun! You must stop by and catch a glimpse of my Steampunk Hatter's hat. No one was wearing it, so you might have to hunt for it in the pictures, but it is covered in a burlap with a key print. You may have enjoyed wearing it upon your head! Do stop by my Mad Hatter's Tea Party!

  4. I love the family affair! Thank you for all the sweets and drinks.
    Please visit - I have music

  5. Fabulous party!

  6. I love it! What an awesome idea for a mad tea party. Your Steampunk Alice costume is perfection.

  7. Lynzie, I love your tea party! Chrysti and I want to do a steampunk version one year. Love all the costumes, timeless photos and yummy foods. :)

  8. Love this! The costumes are just wonderful--the expressions, the eating habits (love the Cheshire Cat's huge bite). And my favorite part is the story weaved so craftily within. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

    Happy Mad Tea Party!

  9. Such costumes. Such sweets! Such FUN!! Loved your party.

  10. Love all the costumes and the table and goodies looks so tempting. Magical sepia photos made it seem like a step back in time or maybe I walked through the looking glass.

    1. Thank you! I wanted it to look as Steampunk-ish as I could. Thank you for visiting.

  11. What a delight!! I know you all had a fabulous time!!
    Happy Mad Tea-ing!

  12. I do believe that Alice hops around. She must love a tea party. It was fun!

  13. Oh Yes, another wonderful tea, love the table setting!!!! and characters and story! Great hat! so do you get some of your talent from your mother? very fun!
    hope you can visit me here:

    1. Yes, I do get a lot of my talents from my mother. She is very talented herself, and I'm honored to share it with her.

  14. Love the costumes. Quite a fun party. The cakes look delicious.

  15. Alice and Steampunk, what a perfect combination! I love the story of your party with all the characters in costume and the face painting, it's just fabulous. Thanks for a wonderful time.
    Cheers, Sarah

    1. Thank you! This is my first Mad Tea Party, and I wanted it to be the best that I could. And I LOVE Steampunk! I have another blog that I'm starting up, "Steampunk: Life in the Victorian Technology" I hope that you will visit it sometime.

  16. Love, love, love this! You really put a lot of effort into coordinating this. Looks like it paid off and you had fun. All the details made it truly special. I had so much fun visiting this party. My Mad Hat is off to you!

    Tea is still on at my party. Visit if you like:

    1. I dearly thank you! I'm am glad that you enjoyed it!

  17. Thank you so much! This is a lovely tea party and so much fun! I enjoyed myself enormously!

    1. I'm glad! Please do come and visit again!

  18. Hi...happy unbirthday to your Steampunk Tea Party...

  19. Love your adorable and original party! It seems you have had wonderful time. Hugs, Monika

  20. I can't believe I actually missed Your party.I'm so so sorry,the invite somehow got overlooked in the mail.I did recieve Your comment on Mine, I do hope You forgive My mistake.That being said...OH MY how sweet darling and fun You real tea party was.All the precious girls were a delight to see-Denise