Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Disney Characters to Jane Austen Characters

Hey ya'll! I've noticed that certain Disney characters are a lot like Jane Austen's characters.
I hope you enjoy this post!

1. Belle and Cathrine Morland. I think that it is funny that they love books more then anything else to do, and it's mostly romances. They both look at the world through their books, and are shocked when the the ones who they love actually show them what the world really is like.

2. Cinderella and Fanny Price. They both are raised in different places then their parents. They both are shy, sweet girls, who dream of their own Prince Charming. They both go through trials with their mean family members, but everything turns out well.

3. Jasmine and Elizabeth Bennet: They are both determined girls, and love life. They both are chosen to marry men they do not love. They both meet the prince of their dreams, yet it takes them a while to truly know them before they decide. (It just took Jasmine a lot quicker to decide, though). :)

4. Anna and Marianne Dashwood: They both dream of their Prince Charming being adorable and reading poems. But, they both are stricken when the ones they love turn their backs on them. But, they both have the one man who loves them, the one who truly cares for the girls'.

5. Elsa and Elinor Dashwood: Both are the oldest sister in the family, and feel like they must keep their young sister safe, (though Elinor has two younger sisters). They both try to keep their emotions controlled, so that life will go through smoothly.

6. Aurora and Jane Bennet: They both are very shy, and are very kind. They dream of having a man to love, but when it comes true, they don't know how to react to it. It frightens them. But in the end, all goes well for both. (Thankfully, Jane didn't fall asleep at the prick of a needle!) :)


  1. Lynzie! These are excellent insights. Very good. :)

  2. I love these comparisons! Brilliant and fun observations. :)

  3. Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!