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Elrond's Quest: Chapter 5

                                                                  By Lynzie Coller

                                                                 The Country of Hitheagl

"How much longer do we have until we reach Hitheagl?" Sam asked, as he tugged at the straps of his pack, which slapped against his back cruelly.
Gandalf rubbed his chin with satisfaction, then turned to Sam, and answered, "We are almost done going past Hitheagl."
Sam stared at the wizard for a moment, then nodded.


Walking beside Aragorn, Legolas looked about the wide gardens of Rivendell, breathing in the fresh air.
"It feels wonderful to breath in fresh clean air in heart, now that darkness is long gone." He said, smiling.
Aragorn nodded his head, and picked at a large apple near his head.
Biting into the crispiness, he smiled at Legolas.
Legolas grinned, then ran to a low branch on the apple tree.
Reaching it, he jumped and caught the branch tightly, then swung himself up onto the branch.
Climbing each branch at a time, he finally reached the crispy red fruit that had caught his eye.
Aragorn laughed, and raced to the tree, and looked up at the Elf.
"Found one?" He asked, laughing.
Legolas nodded, and jumped from the tree, landing without a noise on his feet.
"Found what?" A voice softly asked behind them.
An Elf with long blond hair, tall, and a voice like a harp, came up behind them.
"Glorfindel!" Aragorn exclaimed, embracing the Elf. " I thought you were long gone from Middle-earth years ago."
Glorfindel laughed softly, and his voice rang like a note upon the harp, beautiful, yet full of wisdom and strength.
"Never, have I left Rivendell. But, only for a short time, such as guiding Frodo to Rivendell when he was struck from the Ringwraith blade, and one other time I had left Rivendell, but most, I lingered in Rivendell." He answered.
"Why then, did I not see you at the Council?" Legolas asked.
"I was there, hidden in the shadow of a tree, behind Elrond. I was there." Glorfindel answered.
"Either way, it is a wonderful surprise to see you again, my friend." Aragorn replied.
Glorfindel knelt at Aragorn's feet, and said, "I am forever your servant, Lord Elessar."
Then to Legolas he too knelt, and placed his hand over his heart, saying, "Ernil Legolas Calanlas Thrandulion i Mirkwood, ion Thranduil, enmet omentieluo. (Prince Legolas Greenleaf Thrandulion, son of Thranduil, again, we two meet.)"
Then, rising to his feet, he beckoned them to come, saying, "Come, my friends, I have prepared a meal for you."
The two followed him out of the gardens, and towards the Homely House of Elrond.


Ever farther the four traveled on, soon reaching the last mountains of Hithaegl, and soon entered the ancient realm of Angmar, the home of the Witch King, who now is of no more.
Sam, who sat in the front of Elrond on Eldar, stared at the evil black mountains, which thankfully, contained no evil, but still, after nine years of peace, looked strangely full of some sort of evil.
"Carn Dum in two days shall soon be in sight, Frodo." Gandalf explained to Frodo, who sat in front of him on Shadowfax, who quickly trotted through the pass between the mountains of Angmar.
Frodo looked about him, frowning.
Sam, who had ridden with Elrond, looked up at the Elvish Lord, watching him with sudden interest
Closer up, Elrond seemed very tired, and worn, but still held a great strength and light of his own.
His grey eyes darted from left to right, searching, which reminded Sam of Legolas, whom he always forgot the name, when speaking to the Elf.
Sam missed the Elf, come to think of it, he thought.
He missed the quick hand that Legolas had when he knocked his arrows to the string of his great bow.
He missed the keen bright eyes, as they scanned the landscape before him.
But what he missed the most was the behavior of the Elf.
Legolas had a sense of humor that no other Elf had, and sometimes he acted like a young boy, wanting to make mischief and learn new things that others do not.
"Mister Frodo?" He finally said out loud.
Frodo's head peaked out from the side of Gandalf, and asked, "What is it Sam?"
Sam cleared his throat, which echoed across the passageway, bouncing off the mountains.
Answering, he said, "Did you ever grow fond of one of the members, besides the ones you knew? Like Boromir, or Gimli, or..."
"Legolas?" Frodo asked.
Sam nodded and added, "Did you ever had a feel for one of them, like, a special friendship feeling, not like close friendship feeling, but a friendship feeling of love?"
Frodo nodded his head, and asked, "You miss Legolas, don't you?"
Sam nodded.
Frodo chuckled.
They journeyed the last few hours, before dusk fell, and darkness came suddenly.
They set up camp quickly, while Sam built a fire.
Setting a pot by the fire, he left to search for water.
Finding no clean water, he trudged back to camp, and found the pot filled with water, with rabbit meat and carrots.
He slowly walked towards the pot and stared at it.
"What this soup needs are taters." He said, as he pulled out three golden potatoes, and chopped them up with his war knife, then stuck them into the pot. (
"Supper will be ready in a few minutes!" He called, which echoed across the mountains.
Elrond, who stood near by, quickly brought his fingers to his lips, and said, "Not so loud, Master Samwise. If there is even a bit of loud noise, it could start an avalanche."
Sam coward back, embarrassed, and confused.
In a few moments, the stew was ready, and he dished it out into bowls, and handed it out to the others.
They took them gladly and ate with hearty stomachs, until their bellies were full, then the hobbits laid down their heads on the ground and soon fell fast asleep.
Gandalf sat on a low rock, watching the stars as they twinkled happily in the sky, and watched the moon as he slowly circled the sky, changing the directions every time.
Elrond lay his head down near him, and he too watched the stars, until he fell asleep.
Later on that night, Sam woke up to hear a soft voice, singing far away in the night.
He looked to see if it was Frodo, but he was asleep, and Elrond and Gandalf were whispering to each other.
What was that voice then?
He listened silently to the voice, piking out words as it sang, such as 'mellon', 'rudh', and 'Samwise'.
Who could be singing?
Rising slowly, he went to Gandalf's side, and laid a hand on the haunched shoulder of the old ancient wizard.
"Gandalf?" He whispered.
Gandalf's head left the sky, and his eyes met Sam's.
"It is Legolas, who sings to you, Sam. I heard you speaking to Frodo earlier today about the Elf.
Legolas has a feeling for you also Sam.
This is what he told me:
"I have always had a feeling for a special hobbit, Gandalf.
Not Frodo, who is kind and strong, or the mischievous Meridoc, or Peregrin, but for Samwise Gamgee, Gandalf. 
He was so strong-hearted, and kept on going in times of lingering darkness, and never gave up on Master Frodo.
He always kept a smile on his face in times of weakness, and always talked about home, the Shire.
He told me about all the flowers and vegetables that he grew in Frodo's garden, and showed me how to make his soup in an easy way.
I enjoyed Samwise, and miss him dearly."
That is what he told me."Gandalf answered.
Sam smiled, and pulled a strand of curly hair from his face.
"Did he say all of that?" He asked.
"Gandald nodded his head, answering, "Every word."
Sam left Gandalf's side, and laid back on his blanket.
Listening to the voice of Legolas, he fell fast asleep.

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